A Digital Revolution in Software Applications

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  • Real-time, Audited, Trading System
  • Reconciliation
  • Double Entry General Ledger
  • Share Register
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Workflow Engine, Business Process Automation
  • HTML5, Single Page Application
  • WebSocket, JSON messaging
  • Fast, scalable and distributed architecture
  • Onsite or Dedicated Hosting
  • Desktop, Tablet and Smart Phone Apps
  • Fully Supported

The Internet of Things

Software applications have been set free, they are no longer constrained by location, device and operating system. Genoa.io Ltd. deliver rich, real-time applications which are custom fit, designed to meet constantly changing requirements and the always connected characteristics of the Digital Revolution.

Financial Technology

Genoa.io Ltd. possess a wealth of domain experience covering Trading, Risk Management, Operations and Technology. This experience is directed to provide cost effective, adaptable and robust technology solutions. In a new financial climate a new type of solution is required ... this Genoa.io Ltd. provides.

Application Framework

The Landfall development framework provides the ability to build custom, enterprise class applications. You design the database model, the user interface, and in minutes you have a real-time, rich, responsive application.